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Scholarly Commons continued to grow in 2014-2015, not only in content added and downloads, but in maturity of the process. At the beginning of the second year, many of the early challenges resolved as teams that oversee the administration and new development began to understand the system and each other’s strengths.

Members of the university community also developed a better understanding of Scholarly Commons and its value to many aspects of the research and academic mission. In particular, various departments turned to Scholarly Commons to host conferences and events. Also, members of the Oversight Team met with representatives of Sponsored Research, Marketing and Communications and academic administration to lay the groundwork for collaborations, such as funneling into Scholarly Commons new content from a faculty profile database expected to go live in late 2015.

Scholarly Commons proceeded to build, achieving above average growth, in comparison to other Digital Commons repositories, with the largest number of contributions coming from conferences, archives and faculty submissions. Additionally, Embry-Riddle repeatedly ranked among the most popular institutions within the Digital Commons research community in three broad research disciplines; Engineering, Business, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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This ERAU Scholarly Commons report was compiled by Anne Marie Casey, Brittany Blanchard and Chip Wolfe with assistance from Melanie West, Suzanne Sprague and Lauren Eggert.