The Space Congress® proceedings evolved from the meetings held by workers in the space industry located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. People from around the region, many employed by NASA and other affiliates, met to discuss their mutual interest in missile propulsion, spacecraft propellants, the missile programs such as Thor, Atlas, Titan and Polaris, and other topics. The first proceedings were produced in 1962 and by 1963, the organized meeting was called the Space Congress. The meeting is held every year and the proceedings are published to promote the activities of its members who belong to the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies, a vital link between many professional societies and technical groups in Brevard County, Florida.

The 46th Space Congress® conference will be taking place June, 4th - 6th, 2019, with a Golf Tournament on June 7th, 2019. Please check back frequently for updates and more information including the Conference Agenda, Accommodations, and Registration.

A continuation of the Space Congress® Proceedings can be found at the Spaceport Summit site.  The Spaceport Summit began in 2021 and continues the scope and mission of the former Space Congress®.  

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2019 (46th) Light the Fire
2018 (45th) The Next Great Steps
2016 (44th) The Journey: Further Exploration for Universal Opportunities
2015 (43rd) A Showcase of Space, Aviation, Technology, Logistics, and Manufacturing
2012 (42nd) A New Beginning
2007 Space Visions Congress - Growing the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers
2004 (41st) Space Congress Proceedings
2003 (40th) Linking the Past to the Future - A Celebration of Space
2002 (39th) Beginning a New Era - Initiatives In Space
2001 (38th) A Space Odyssey - The Next 50 Years
2000 (37th) Space Means Business in the 21st Century
1999 (36th) Countdown to the Millennium
1998 (35th) Horizons Unlimited
1997 (34th) Our Space Future - Uniting For Success
1996 (33rd) America's Space Program -What's Ahead?
1995 (32nd) People and Technology - The Case For Space
1994 (31st) Space Exploration and Utilization for the Good of the World
1993 (30th) Yesterday's Vision is Tomorrow's Reality
1992 (29th) Space - Quest For New Fontiers
1991 (28th) Space Achievement: A Global Destiny
1990 (27th) 90's - Decade Of Opportunity
1989 (26th) Space - The New Generation
1988 (25th) Heritage - Dedication - Vision
1987 (24th) Space - The Challenge, The Commitment
1986 (23rd) Developing Space For Tomorrow's Society
1985 (22nd) Space Congress Proceedings
The 1985 Space Congress Proceedings are not currently available from Scholarly Commons.
1984 (21st) New Opportunities In Space
1983 (20th) Space: The Next Twenty Years
1982 (19th) Making Space Work For Mankind
1981 (18th) The Year of the Shuttle
1980 (17th) A New Era In Technology
1979 (16th) Space: The Best Is Yet To Come
1978 (15th) Space - The Best Is Yet To Come
1976 (13th) Technology For The New Horizon
1975 (12th) Space Congress Proceedings
The 1975 Space Congress Proceedings are not currently available from Scholarly Commons.
1974 (11th) Vol.2 Technology Today for Tomorrow
1974 (11th) Vol.1 Technology Today for Tomorrow
1973 (10th) Technology Today and Tomorrow
1972 (9th) Space Congress Proceedings
The 1972 Space Congress Proceedings are not currently available from Scholarly Commons.
1971 (8th) Vol. 2 Technology Today And Tomorrow
1971 (8th) Vol. 1 Technology Today And Tomorrow
1970 (7th) Technology Today and Tomorrow
1969 (6th) Vol. 2 - Space, Technology, and Society
1969 (6th) Vol. 1 Space, Technology, and Society
1968 (5th) The Challenge of the 1970's
1967 (4th) Space Congress Proceedings
Only Sessions 10 - 18 were available for digitization and publication in Scholarly Commons.
1966 (3rd) The Challenge of Space
1965 (2nd) New Dimensions in Space Technology
1964 (1st) - Where Are We Going In Space?
1963 - Space Dimensions
Official magazine of the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies
1962 - The Challenging Pace of the Race to Space
Considered the 1st Space Congress® proceedings