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Dr. Olivero joined Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University [ERAU] in 1994 as Chair of the Physical Sciences Dept. While in that position, for 16-years, the Dept. developed the MS and PhD in Engineering Physics and the BS in Space Physics programs. He also did research in space-based remote sensing and the study of Polar Mesospheric Clouds. Before coming to ERAU, he was Professor of Meteorology and a member of the Communication & Space Sciences Lab at Penn State University. Earlier he had held a Post-doc position in the Physics & Astronomy Dept. at the University of Florida. He was also an Aerospace Technologist at NASA-Langley Research Center. He did his doctoral studies in Aeronomy at the University of Michigan. Currently he is the Director of the Center for Space & Atmospheric Research and an Emeritus Professor of Physics at ERAU.