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Brent Bowen

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Brian Roggow


This exploratory study utilizes large data sets emanating from flight data recorders on a fleet of general aviation training aircraft. These flight data sets reveal and provide potential correlations between pilot experience levels and in-flight engine events within a flight school environment. The origin of this research comes from the collection of flight data that is produced during a flight school aircraft operation and analyzed by an Aviation Safety staff at a major flight training university. These data were collected over a period of six calendar months during the calendar year 2018. The raw data is analyzed through a Flight Data Management program created and used by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The results will be de-identified, as the focus of the research utilizes a grounded theory model to conceptualize results from the flight data recorders. The results will be presented with a mixed methodological construct that provides outcomes for flight safety enhancement. Results are not yet defined and will only be presented to flight management.

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Las Vegas, NV