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Dr. Rachel Williams


This problem-solution analysis analyzes factors impeding safe and orderly evacuations for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Although rarely used, evacuation procedures are critical for keeping passengers safe during emergency situations. However, there are flaws in these procedures and many factors exist which make aircraft evacuations slow and dangerous. During a situation in which time is of the essence, these impediments can make the difference between an incident and a fatal accident. This report focuses on data gathered through full-scale evacuation simulations and analyzes shortcomings and strengths in three accidents. This information is then compared to current procedures and regulations that already govern the industry to highlight what improvements must be made. The findings of this report indicate that current aircraft certification standards are inadequate, exit locator systems are insufficient, and the current required preflight briefing for exit row passengers is ineffective. This report recommends that the Federal Aviation Administration amends its current aircraft certification standards to include more accurate evacuation demonstrations, require the implementation of enhanced exit indicators, and mandate preflight briefings for exit row passengers that provide vital safety information. Additionally, the FAA should research the feasibility of overhead bin locking systems and study the effects of more orderly evacuation commands.

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