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The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the ineffective strategies used by the United States and coalition forces in the fight against Islamic extremist terrorism. The continuation of terrorist groups acting in the name of Islam begs the question as to just how well have these strategies worked, and what further measures must be taken in order to quell the existence of these organizations? This will be done through the examination of tactics such as the deployment of troops, bombardments from airstrikes, and the restrictive rules of engagements. When explored thoroughly, it will be easier to ascertain exactly why these strategies have not been effective. However, what must also be explored are the origins of these terror groups and the history of the war on terror. By cross referencing the offensive strategies that are being utilized and the background of the war, it will be easier to identify past mistakes and present day faults. The issue of terrorism in the name of Islam is one of utmost importance and a direct concern to national security; furthermore, it serves as a problem to military personnel and innocent civilians. Another purpose of this thesis will be to present a solution as to what to do about this threat; whether it be a strategy that has not yet been used, or an adjustment to one that is already being utilized. For the sake of national security, this sort of reform towards combating Islamic extremists must be made.

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