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The consumer business has undergone a substantial shift in how customers to shop since the introduction of online shopping. When the world was affected by Covid-19 in 2020, one of the most major repercussions was in the Food & Beverage (F&B) and grocery industries. As a result of the pandemic, many cities were put under lockdown, and everyone remained indoors. Consumer purchasing patterns changed dramatically, with malls closing or operating with limited access, and customers avoiding common spaces for fear of getting the virus. As the global epidemic progressed, several firms were forced to close their physical locations due to huge losses arising from a lack of consumer purchases. However, many firms relocated their products and services online, giving courier and delivery services a major boost. This gave the last-mile or last-quarter-mile delivery industry a chance to demonstrate its efficiency, convenience, and safety. These are the parts of the delivery process when goods or services are delivered directly to customers from local stores or a satellite consolidation and re-delivery center. Riders and drivers for delivery services rose to the occasion and assisted in keeping life as normal as possible.

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