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The project was a research endeavor focused on designing and building a vending machine for 3D-printed parts. It also had the secondary objective of catalyzing leadership qualities among its membership by emphasizing individual responsibility and forward thinking. The project began in the spring of 2015, when the topic of autonomous 3D-printing was chosen, funding was secured, and the majority of the leadership was brought on. Over the summer and into the fall semester the team developed project requirements and infrastructure, and gathered members from the parent organization. By December of 2015 most of the machine design had been completed, and the parts were en route so that building could be started in the spring semester. Due to a combination of time constraints, underestimated difficulty, and unforeseen logistical circumstances, the project was not able to achieve its primary goal of having a working prototype by May 2016. However, it is the belief of the project’s leadership and many of the members that it succeeded in its secondary goal of creating competent and confident leaders, several of whom went on to lead projects of their own.

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