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In collaboration with Embry-Riddle Future Space Explorers and Developers Society (ERFSEDS), we came up with the idea to build a quad-copter/sensor system that could be deployed from a rocket. The goal is to build a new chassis for the quad-copters electronic components that will allow the quad-copters arms to fold inwards to meet the required space constraints of a rocket. In addition to the critical components of the quad-copter, our design will integrate a number of other data collecting sub-systems currently being used in a weather balloon designed by Society 4 S.P.A.C.E. club members. After being jettisoned from the rocket, the sensor systems objective would be to collect atmospheric data as it descends. At the altitude of 2,000 feet the quad-copter would be programmed to deploy a parachute. Once it has reached a safe velocity the arms would extend, motors engage, and the quad would autonomously navigate to a prearranged location. Flight planning will be done using a preexisting flight planning application. Data gathered from the sensors will include pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, and video. This project will give us a better understanding of rocket propulsion systems and the effect of launch on the payload. It will also allow us to gain valuable research, data retrieval, team development and multi-club collaboration experience.

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