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Dr. Kelly Whealan George

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Wesley Lewis


The purpose of this research was to understand and project the opinions of the public in Iceland on soil conservation and current efforts. The issue of soil erosion dates back to settlement around 1,100 years ago. The loss of vegetation from deforestation and grazing exposes the land to the effects of wind, water, and other devastating elements, leading it to erode away. The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) was developed to combat this issue over 100 years ago with efforts including planting trees, promoting safe farming practices, and replenishing the land. Interviews were conducted with various individuals, including a chef, farmer, and an expert at the SCSI. The same two themes were brought up during nearly all interviews, which include the Alaskan Lupine and grazing. The Alaskan Lupine was used to bind eroded ground and give way to native plants to take over, but this wasn’t necessarily the case. In addition, efforts to mitigate overgrazing were found to be of less importance than initially thought. The cumulative interviews shed light on some of the dilemmas facing soil conservation efforts and provide insight into possible solutions.

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