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Kelly Whealan George

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Wesley Lewis


Iceland as a northern country glazed with snow and ice, beholding a diverse ecosystem. Temperature has a large impact and climate change has made its presence immediately felt. The increase in water temperature has brought new species to the land and seas of Iceland causing others to reduce in populations or having to move away to find more food or both. The research project reviews the effects of climate in Iceland, the damage the increase in temperature is causing to its fragile ecosystem, and Icelanders account of this change. Data was collected through interviews of native Icelanders, field observations, and second hand sources. An analysis of the data showed that younger generations are more informed about what climate change means to the future of Iceland. Data also highlighted that older generations have seen firsthand the populations of puffins decreasing, the fish moving north, the glaciers shrinking rapidly, the increase in rains, winds, and less intense winters. The people of Iceland see adapting to new weather and rising rivers as not a very intense matter, but find the possible changes in the Gulf Stream and acidification of waters as horrifying. Many Icelanders are taking advantage of the warmth by growing new crops that could not grow in the harsh weathers before. The future is still unknown for Iceland

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Undergraduate Research