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Dr. Kelly Whealan George

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Wesley Lewis


Iceland's unique geographic location provides the people with one main source of energy to keep them powered: water. Iceland can harness the energy from both geothermal and glacial water sources providing a sustainable lifestyle influenced further by the country’s culture. The water sources also provide a stable industry and economy for the population. Although easily accessible and plentiful, the water-based energy sources are carefully planned and constructed to prevent negative environmental impacts. Through a qualitative approach, research was conducted through field observations in country, interviews with natives, and through secondary accounts. These key water sources in Iceland essentially power the whole island. Future studies can be conducted as to the continued impact of these water sources, outside of Iceland. Future topics can include Iceland’s energy grid contributing to the number of outside investors and joint ventures occurring in country, further environmental effects of harvesting hydropower, and a projected study on how the nation would survive without using hydropower.

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Undergraduate Research