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Brent Bowen


The implementation of safety programs in Flight Operations has been successful since the Federal Aviation Administration formally introduced Safety Management Systems (SMS) procedures in 2000. The addition of safety programs like SMS into aviation organizations has been confirmed to improve safety culture, communication, and overall hazard mitigation. This research explores the changes and improvements that are made in maintenance programs where an SMS is formally implemented. In the United States it is legal for children under the age of twenty-four months to fly in commercial aircraft on the lap of a parent or guardian, while being unsecured or unrestrained. Throughout the history of aviation safety there have been no improvements, regulations, or laws put in place to ensure the safety of our Nation’s youngest fliers. The Policy Research Construct (PRC) will be used as a proposal for the development of advocacy for regulatory change. Through Policy Research, recommendations can be made to improve safety and create formal regulatory changes to make SMS mandatory in all aviation maintenance programs operating within the United States.

The student authors are affiliated with the Department of Safety in the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. Tori Kobayashi is a graduate student in the MS Safety Science program. Calissa Spooner is an undergraduate student in the Industrial Psychology and Safety program.

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