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Brent Bowen


Past research regarding major U.S. commercial air carriers and consumer perceptions of airline performance has provided little more than a descriptive “snapshot” of the average air traveler. Using the most recent data and findings, as well as building on the previous 29 continuous years of research with the national Airline Quality Rating (AQR), the present study attempts to move beyond the basic descriptive information by identifying significant changes that have occurred over the previous year. Collectively, changes may influence the way consumers, at varying levels of travel frequency, view the commercial air industry. This research utilizes trend analysis methodology by examining airline data from the most current report. This approach provides a means to track airlines’ progressions and regressions in operational performance and allows for the development of theories in data shifts and trends. The development of this qualitative model also enables industry experts to enhance their understanding of the attitudinal patterns and relationships between airline performance and consumer viewpoints. Additionally, this study attempts outline the measurable results from the Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumers Report and exemplify the formula-driven, weighted averages calculated by the Airline Quality Rating. The most recent findings suggest that the airline industry has improved significantly, and the flying public has noticed this improvement in performance.

Kaetlyn Blocker is a Graduate Research Assistant in ERAU Prescott's College of Aviation, Master of Safety Science program.

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Yuma, AZ