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Somi Shin

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RSCH 202 Intro to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

With the growing interest in veganism and its potential health benefits to athletes, it is imperative to consider whether dietary practices could influence athletic performance. The purpose of this research is to find out whether veganism leads to a better performance in endurance runners. We also examine recent studies that attempt to highlight the positive and negative impacts of veganism on athletes’ health. This study adopts a similar framework to the Nutritional and Running High Mileage (NURMI) study, which aims to investigate the relationship between different diet types and running performance. 200 volunteers in Singapore will participate in a cross-sectional online survey and undergo an experiment where they will follow a controlled training diet program. Regression analysis will be used to analyze the factors that affect running performance and T-test to determine if there are any statistically significant differences in performance between vegans and omnivores in terms of their 42km marathon timing and VO2 Max. The results from this comparative study aim to help endurance runners to make better decisions when considering adopting a vegan diet and whether it will indeed be beneficial to them.