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Dr. Somi Shin

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Introduction to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

Singapore is the second country within the Asia Pacific that had the lowest birth rate percentiles in 2020, which calls for immediate attention. The objective of the research is to determine whether the cost of raising a child will affect the decision of having children in Singapore. The focal area of analysis is due to the gaps that were identified within past literature that had little to no data concerning the studied relationship. Therefore, the contribution is the bridging of the literature. The analysis will be concentrated on 34 OECD countries and a selection of non-OECD countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The independent variables are the cost of raising children, cost of living, and income (GDP), and the dependent variable is the birth rate. A line graph will be used to analyze the performance of birth rate, regression analysis to identify factors that have influenced the birth rate, and a t-test to examine any statistically significant differences in the birth rate between developed and developing countries. The results aim to show if the costs of raising a child in Singapore have an effect on a parent’s decision of having children.