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Dr. Somi Shin

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RSCH 202 Intro To Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Since an increase in opportunities has resulted in the pool of degree holders in Singapore to significantly increase over the last few decades, a re-examination of the relationship between salary and highest education qualification is necessary. The purpose of this study is to ascertain whether receiving a degree rather than gaining work experience leads to higher earnings during this degree inflation era. In 2022, this will be the first study in Singapore to examine a person's wage in relation to their highest level of education. The existing literature tends to find higher returns for the university degree holders, although the impact of degrees varies depending on the university ranking and regions. We propose using both primary data collected through an online survey as well as secondary data obtained from, a government database, to conduct our studies. We will then use data analysis techniques like the T-Test, ANOVA, regression models, and correlation to examine the data. The preliminary data results revealed that a degree is still a crucial factor in Singaporeans earning more than their non-degree counterparts.