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Somi Shin

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Intro to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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In response to the increase of online dating platforms since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to investigate the effects on the well-being of users. This study intends to explore the impact of dating applications on the mental health of university students since COVID-19, since the usage rate of dating applications are high among young adults. Using quick response (QR) codes, a purposive sampling technique will be used to conduct an online survey of 383 participants from selected universities in Singapore. With our key independent variable of dating app usage and control variables consisting of demographics, COVID-19 stressors, social support, mental health history, and technology use, we will perform t-tests and regression analysis to determine the significance on our dependent variable of mental health. In evaluating the preliminary results, the t-test suggests that no significant difference exists between the contentment levels of dating app users and non-users. Similarly, regression analysis examining the influence of dating app use on family relationships suggests a positive impact of the use of dating apps on these relationships. The findings of this study will determine mental health outcomes following from increased usage rates of dating applications and not only help inform app users of these implications as they continue to use the dating platforms, but also make available additional user information for app developers.

Keywords: COVID-19, Mental health, Dating applications, University students, Singapore