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Dr Somi Shin

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Introduction to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

This essay explores the impact of first impressions on perceived approachability in social interactions, considering factors like facial expressions, attire, and vocal cues. It establishes approachability as the dependent variable influenced by first impressions, measured by voice cues, facial expressions, attire, and non-verbal cues while controlling for age, gender, race, height, and personality traits. In the literature review, we examine two key studies, focusing on face-based and voice-based impressions in a Chinese sample and rapid threat judgments based on facial appearance. The essay underscores the importance of non-verbal cues on first impressions and approachability. To understand the relationship, we use a survey questionnaire to gather insights into how the first impression affects perceptions. Data collection involves Qualtrics surveys and non-probability sampling, with analysis using ANOVA and Regression analysis. The essay contributes valuable insights into the complexities of how initial judgments influence perceived approachability, aiming to enhance comprehension and guide future research in this field.