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Dr Somi Shin

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Introduction to Research Methods

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RSCH 202

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Project Abstract

This study investigates how fragrance could affect staff efficiency at work in the service industry, particularly insurance agents. Scent is recognised to affect human behavior and perception; nevertheless, the majority of study to date has overlooked scent's possible impact on job performance in favor of focusing on its relationship to confidence and beauty. We will explore whether wearing perfume improves work performance through a panel study with 100 insurance agents. Performance is gauged by the number of policies sold and the amount of premium generated. Our study proposes to investigate the potential significant impact of perfume, both positive and negative, on work performance by a two-tailed hypothesis test. The research will account for a number of control variables that could affect output, including age, gender, ethnicity, physical attributes such as height and weight as well as the length of employment. The gathered data will be analyzed, and conclusions will be drawn from the results of using regression analysis and T-tests. The purpose of this study is to enhance our knowledge of how smell affects productivity in service-oriented careers, which may have implications for future corporate tactics and marketing plans.