AviAsian Conference 2021

AviAsian Conference 2021

The long runway ahead – opportunities, challenges, solutions in reigniting the aviation industry in Asia.


Download the 2021 AviAsian Conference Proceedings (pdf)

AviAsian Conference is back, even bigger and better, in a hybrid format so you can participate online or in person. This year’s theme focuses on existing issues and solutions in the aviation industry. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Airlines & Airports Emerging from COVID-19
  • 3D Aircraft Parts – How safe is this technology?
  • Aviation Security & Disruptive Passengers
  • Looking Beyond COVID-19
  • Green Aviation
  • Big Data, Innovation & Blockchain Technology

Hear from Vinoop Goel as he joins the upcoming AviAsian Conference 2021 as a keynote speaker.

Who Should Attend?

The conference, which is suitable for mid-level managers and decision-makers in the Asia aviation industry, aims to help foster a strong community of academia, researchers, experts and emerging talents in the aviation, aeronautics and aerospace industries both locally and regionally. Participants can expect presentations and panel discussions by subject matter experts in the industry.

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