Date of Award

Summer 2002

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Business Administration in Aviation


Business Administration

Committee Chair

Dr. Massoud Bazargan

Committee Member

Dr. Kenneth Fleming

Committee Member

Dr. Bijan Vasigh


This study outlines a method to evaluate runway layouts using simulation, to aid in the airport planning and decision making process. As a sample study, the maximum throughput capacities of proposed expansion alternatives at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), constrained at varying levels, are identified. The objective is to compare the ultimate airport capacities achievable for each of the different layouts to estimate their respective efficiencies in terms of runway system utilization. Given its capabilities for modeling at a very high level of detail and closely representing reality in terms of applicable separation standards and air traffic control procedures, TAAM (Total Airspace and Airport Modeller) is used to simulate each proposed alternative. Using the methodology proposed here, the baseline and the different alternatives were evaluated in terms of design functionality, sensitivity to technological and procedural improvements and overall utilization of potential capacity. Results indicate that the Diagonal concept layouts provide a better alternative, irrespective of the set of constraints on the airport.