Date of Award

Fall 1997

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Master of Business Administration in Aviation


Business Administration

Committee Chair

Blaise P. Waguespack

Committee Member

Robert N. McGrath

Committee Member

Philip A. Weatherford


The purpose of this research was to utilize a product rejuvenation framework to investigate if sufficient market demand exists for Cessna in relaunching the 172 in the collegiate trainer market. The Collegiate Aviation Guide, a publication of the University Aviation Association listing UAA members and their respective aviation offerings, was used to establish the initial population for the research. The UAA members located within the 50 United States which 1) had a flight training program, and 2) owned and operated their own fleet of aircraft, represented the survey population. A total of 64 schools met the established criteria, with 55 of the 64 schools participating in the survey. A profile of the responding schools was established including the average age, size, and composition of the primary trainer fleet, as well as the average student enrollment. Respondent perceptions of the 172 were investigated and analyzed within a product rejuvenation framework. The perceived importance of price was measured, but an investigation into the issue of price was beyond the scope of this research and identified as an area requiring future research.