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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aerospace Engineering


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Dr. Habib Eslami

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Dr. Eric Hill

Committee Member

Dr. Frank Radosta


The purpose of the following analysis is to develop a method for determining vertical, horizontal, and torsional displacements of arbitrarily laminated, cantilevered composite box-beam under static, transverse loading. Small deflections are assumed and the differential equations of motion have been linearized for ease of calculation. The Smith and Chopra stiffness matrix is used in the equations of motion, and software was written to solve for the stiffness matrix elements. Comparisons are made with bending slope solutions from previously published results, and the presented analysis is compared to empirical results of a composite box-beam under tip loading. Finally, an example solution for vertical, horizontal, and torsional displacements is presented for aerodynamic-type loading.