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Concurrent 2: We’re all online librarians now: preparing library staff for remote teaching and learning

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In-person Panel

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As librarians faced the uncertainty of not knowing if they would be in classrooms virtually or in person or even synchronously or asynchronously for the 2020-2021 academic year, STEM & Entrepreneurship librarians used their weekly summer meetings to develop an asynchronous online learning object, chosen for its flexibility and ease of use. As a new department head, the first librarian worked with the online learning team to set a schedule and break down the process of creating an asynchronous learning object into smaller steps. She will share how she developed the schedule and helped the team stay on track to develop the learning objects.

The second librarian on this panel will discuss the onboarding process of going from a slow paced, gradual acclimation to online learning to a near instantaneous need for online tools such as Zoom. Staff also expressed a need to have more one on one time with the online learning team, and space to ask for help and brainstorm ideas for online learning objects. The demand for webinars and mindful moderating, logistics, and troubleshooting support skyrocketed overnight, and she will share her advice on how to organize these demands, garner support and volunteers for webinars, and how to streamline the moderating and planning processes.

The third librarian will discuss how library tutorial creation and production shifted as all library instructors went remote. Prior to the pandemic, tutorials were planned and developed during monthly in-person meetings with a small group of research and instruction librarians. The shift to remote work necessarily moved these meetings into a virtual format, offered opportunities for expanded participation across the library, shifted tutorial format preferences, and highlighted the value of asynchronous instruction that could be embedded in the learning management system.


WALC 1018

Start Date

27-7-2022 10:30 AM

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27-7-2022 11:20 AM


Jul 27th, 10:30 AM Jul 27th, 11:20 AM

Concurrent 2: We’re all online librarians now: preparing library staff for remote teaching and learning

WALC 1018