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In the Fall semester of 2021, library faculty and staff at the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education Library at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus began to implement a transition in the method through which course reading lists were provided to students enrolled in several online graduate-level Education courses. The transition involved switching from a reading list format using Library Guides to one using Leganto, an Ex Libris tool that integrates the learning management system Brightspace with Purdue Libraries’ catalog, allowing students to access licensed resources through their Brightspace course page. This poster presentation will focus on the experience of faculty and staff working on the transition.

The presentation will discuss some of the obstacles we foresaw implementing the transition, including the difficulty of getting faculty to be willing to learn a new tool, and some strategies we adopted for addressing these obstacles. Some of these strategies included partnering with an instructional designer in the College of Education to help facilitate communication with instructors in Education, using a shared Google Doc to communicate task progress, doing the initial work of implementing the transition on the backend with Alma prior to asking course instructors to create their own using the Leganto plug-in, limiting the transition to small set of courses, i.e. 8-week courses starting in the first half of the Spring 2022 semester, and providing a library guide to enable the instructional designer in the College of Education to assist with the initial work of creating reading lists in the new format. In addition to sharing these strategies, we will also present some of the difficulties we faced in implementing them and how we used what we learned to improve our approach for transitioning reading lists for online Education 8-week Courses beginning in the second half of the Spring 2022 semester.

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Leganto, course reserves, electronic resources, digital rights management, electronic reserves, copyright, Brightspace, Learning Management Systems (LMS), reading lists, LMS integration


WAL C 3084

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27-7-2022 1:00 PM

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27-7-2022 2:00 PM


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Jul 27th, 1:00 PM Jul 27th, 2:00 PM

Library Guides to Leganto: Changing Formats of Course Reading Lists for Online Education Graduate Students

WAL C 3084


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