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Reading resources are essential for teaching and learning. Academic libraries adapt using modern technologies accessing, sharing, and promoting reading resources. Today’s students and instructors are used to Learning Management System (LMS) for teaching and learning. Along the LMS trend, a variety of electronic course reserves tools emerges. One particular tool is Leganto which has been increasingly widely deployed. This paper adopts the reporting model of teaching and learning technologies best practices of “7 things You Should Know About” by EDUCAUSE. The seven essential questions are 1) What is the tool Leganto? 2) How does it work? 3) Who is doing it? 4) Why is it significant? 5) What are the downsides? 6) What are the implications for teaching and learning? and 7) what are the implications for academic librarians? At the end, the paper presents the authors’ institutional case of adoption, implementation, and data analytics results.

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Page 2 of the attached word document is the authors’ page. This is the only page which shows the authors’ information. The paper manuscript is ready for the blind peer review. Thank you!



Exploring the electronic course reserves management and reading list tool Leganto through the lenses of academic librarians and instructors


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