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How do librarians ensure students are engaged with the content of a synchronous or asynchronous library session? One way is to integrate interactive technology tools to promote student learning. It is well known that many librarians are limited to one-shot instruction sessions or online modules. Keeping students attentive and engaged in 50 or 75 minutes classes can be challenging.

Jenny Bronstein sums it up best in her qualitative study by saying that “Students today have no time, no patience, and they get bored very quickly (2011).” Therefore, librarians need to chunk information into smaller interactive learning activities to make learning fun and obtainable. Interactive technology tools can be used for this purpose. While these tools can be cumbersome to learn, if librarians share their knowledge, they can build off of each other and integrate them more quickly into their instruction.

The three panelists from three different universities (public and private) will be discussing their experience using a variety of interactive educational technology tools for synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Tools discussed will include Nearpod, Flipgrid, Panopto, Glogster, Loom, and Canvas. The panelists will share tips, strategies, challenges using various technology tools and conclude with assessment strategies, sustainability, and accessibility. Creative ways of using these tools will also be discussed; for example, one panelist will share her experience of creating a virtual escape room in Canvas to teach students about the academic library.

The audience will be involved in a discussion of technology tools that they have used regularly, and the opportunities and challenges of each. A crowdsourced document will be created that anyone can contribute to in the future.


Bronstein, J. (2011). The role and work perceptions of academic reference librarians: A qualitative inquiry. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 11(3), 791-811.

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Technology Tools - Crowdsource document using Padlet



"WOW! That Was Awesome!" Said the Students Leaving the Library Instruction Session: Integrating Tech Tools in Library Instruction


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