Embry-Riddle partners with private and public entities to assist in developing solutions to today's and tomorrow's aeronautical and aerospace problems. Here at the world's largest aviation-oriented university, our focus on applied research is unique.


Submissions from 2023

A Machine Learning Based Transfer to Predict Warhead In-Flight Behavior from Static Arena Test Data, Riccardo Bevilacqua

CubeSats Hosting Flexible Appendages for On-Orbit Testing of Advanced Control Algorithms, Riccardo Bevilacqua

GNC Efforts in Support of the University of Florida's Research for the NASA Instrument Incubator, Riccardo Bevilacqua

Novel Space Science Test via Adaptive Control and Integral Concurrent Learning Leveraging On-Orbit CubeSat Structural Identification, Riccardo Bevilacqua

Chinese hamster V79 cells’ dependence on background ionizing radiation for optimal growth, Hugo Castillo and et al.

Using Escape Rooms for Conducting Team Research, Tara N. Cohen, Andrew C. Griggs, Joseph R. Keebler, Elizabeth H. Lazzara, Shawn Doherty, Falisha F. Kanji, and Bruce L. Gewertz

Use of Augmented Reality by Older Adults, Jessyca L. Derby and Barbara S. Chaparro

Langrangian Wind Tunnel, Bill Engblom

Understanding the Coupled Dynamics of Particles and Wall Turbulence, Ebenezer Gnanamanickam

Understanding the Coupled Interactions Between Hair-Like Micromechanoreceptors and Wall Turbulence, Ebenezer Gnanamanickam

Synthetic Jet-Based Robust MAV Flight Controller, Vladimir Golubev

Wake Vortex Safety Analysis in the Context of UAS Integration in the NAS, Vladimir Golubev

Self-Sustained Flow-Acoustic Interactions in Airfoil Transitional Boundary Layers, Vladimir Golubev and Reda R. Mankbadi

Demonstration of an Electrostatic Dust Shield on the Lunar Surface, Troy Henderson

Hazard Detection and Avoidance for Lunar Landing, Troy Henderson

Improved Image Processing for Orbit Estimation, Troy Henderson

Integrated Structural Health Sensors for Inflatable Space Habitats, Daewon Kim and Sirish Namilae

A qualitative analysis of social and emotional perspectives of airline passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tracy L. Lamb, Keith J. Ruskin, Stephen Rice, Leili Khorassani, Scott R. Winter, and Dothang Truong

Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence (VLRCOE), J. Gordon Leishman, Ebenezer Gnanamanickam, Kaijus Henri, and Guillermo Mazzilli

Jet-Airframe Interactions for Noise Suppression, Reda R. Mankbadi

Fundamental Experimental and Numerical Combustion Study of H2 Containing Fuels for Gas Turbines, Scott Martin

Behavior of Super Alloys Subjected to Fatigue Loads Under High Temperature, Alberto Mello Jr.

Influence of Cold Expansion and Aggressive Environment on Crack Growth in Aluminum Alloy, Alberto Mello Jr.

Seaplane Design Analysis: Focus on Structure Factor Optimization, Alberto Mello Jr.

REU Site: Exploring Aerospace Research at the Intersection of Mechanics, Materials Science and Aerospace Physiology, Alberto Mello Jr. and Foram Madiyar

Bird Strike: The Effect of the Leading-Edge Radius on the behavior of the Bird Upon Impact, Alberto Mello Jr. and James J. Pembridge

Mitigating GPS and ADS-B Risks for UAS, Hever Moncayo

Shielded UAS Operations Detect and Avoid, Hever Moncayo

Vision and Wireless-based Surveying for Intelligent OSAM Navigation (VISION), Hever Moncayo and K. Merve Dogan

Software Infrastructure For Analysis of Infection Propagation Through Air Travel, Sirish Namilae

Nanoscale Design of Interfacial Kinematics in Composite Manufacturing, Sirish Namilae and Marwan Al-Haik

A Data Analytics Framework for the Application of Pedestrian Dynamics to Public Health, Sirish Namilae and Mandar Kulkarni

Reconfigurable Guidance and Control Systems for Emerging On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) Space Vehicles, Morad Nazari and K. Merve Dogan

Development of an SE(3)-Based Rigid Body Pose Estimation Scheme for Unknown Moments of Inertia in a Spacecraft, Morad Nazari, Troy Henderson, and Richard Prazenica

Flexible Body Control Using Fiber Optic Sensors, Florida Space Grant Consortium, Morad Nazari and Daewon Kim

Immunological and hematological outcomes following protracted low dose/low dose rate ionizing radiation and simulated microgravity, Amber M. Paul and et al.

Investigate Detect and Avoid Track Classification and Filtering, Richard Prazenica, Troy Henderson, Morad Nazari, Tyler Spence, and Houbing Song

Investigation of Bio-Inspired Cylinders for Enhanced Heat Transfer, Mark Ricklick and Anish Prasad

Mixing of a Supercritical Jet in a Supercritical Cross-Flow, Mark Ricklick and Neil Sullivan

A Bayesian approach on investigating Helicopter Emergency Medical Fatal Accidents, Richard J. Simonson, Joseph R. Keebler, and Alex Chaparro

Examining Aviation Navigation Display Symbology in Visual Search, Navaneethan Sivagnanasundaram, Evan Palmer, and Alex Chaparro

Human Factors Awareness Training for FAA Aviation Safety Specialists Within Aircraft Certification and FAA Flight Standards, Scott Winter

Modeling Plume Afterburning Shutdown With a Double-Conditioned CMC, Scott Winter

Submissions from 2022

Fusing Satellite and Drone Data with GIS to Create New Analytical Decision Support Tools for Varying Farm Types, Kevin A. Adkins, Ronny Schroeder, and Dan Macchiarella

GUMP: General Urban Area Microclimate Predictions Tool, Kevin Adkins; Nickolas Macchiarella; and CO-I, NASA

Development of a Safety Performance Decision-Making Tool for Flight Training Organization, Marisa Aguiar and Carolina Anderson

Aircraft Boarding Strategies, Massoud Bazargan

Aircraft Replacement Strategy, Massoud Bazargan

A Simulation Approach to Manpower Planning at Continental Airlines, Massoud Bazargan

A Simulation Study to Determine Optimal Shipping Strategy, Massoud Bazargan

Development of an Aviation Weather Database Highlighting Weather Encounters, Massoud Bazargan

Fellowship in Advanced Simulation & Training, Massoud Bazargan

Fellowship in Advanced Simulation & Training - Runway Layout, Massoud Bazargan

GA Airport funding strategies, Massoud Bazargan

General Aviation Safety Analysis, Massoud Bazargan

Integration of Small Aircraft Transportation Systems (SATS) into General Aviation, Massoud Bazargan

LAX Tow Tugs Feasibility Study, Massoud Bazargan

Manpower Planning for Maintenance Crew at SFO, Massoud Bazargan

NextGen Task G 4D FMS TBO Demonstration Benefits Analyses, Massoud Bazargan

Statistical Analysis for General Aviation Accidents, Massoud Bazargan

Tow Tug Simulation Feasibility Study, Massoud Bazargan

A Database Management System for General Aviation Safety, Massoud Bazargan, Michael Williams, and Alan Stolzer

Cost Optimization Modeling for Airport Capacity Expansion Problems in Metropolitan Areas, Woo Jin Choi and Dothang Truong

Using Virtual Reality to Identify Cybersecurity Threats for Navy Midshipmen, Andrew Dattel, Omar Ochoa, Daniel Friedenzohn, Trevor Goodwin, and Harry Brodeen

Determinants of Aviation Students' Intentions to Use Virtual Reality for Flight Training, Stephanie Fussell, Ph.D. and Dothang Truong

Adding Tropical Cyclone Verification Capabilities to the Model Evaluation Tools - Tropical Cyclone (MET-TC) Software, Daniel Halperin

Implementing Active Learning Techniques in an Undergraduate Aviation Meteorology Course, Daniel Halperin, Joseph Keebler, Robert Eicher, Thomas Guinn, and Kim Chambers

An Investigation of Factors that Influence Passengers' Intentions to Use Biometric Technologies at Airports, Kabir Kasim and Scott Winter

The Effects of Carry-on Baggage on Aircraft Evacuation Efficiency, Sang-A Lee


PLD Space Suborbital Microgravity Research, Pedro LLanos


Blue Origin's Suborbital Research: MESSI/McXIMUS, Pedro LLanos and Sathya Gangadharan


NASA/ZeroG Microgravity Research, Pedro LLanos and Sathya Gangadharan


Rocketry as Testing Platforms for Payloads, Pedro LLanos and Sathya Gangadharan

Environmental Analysis of Convective Initiation Events in Central Florida using Integrated Mobile Observation, Shawn Milrad and Daniel Halperin

Transfer and Retention of Training in Real and Virtual Spaceflight Environments, Erik Seedhouse

Media Literacy and Online Critical Thinking Initiatives, Matthew Sharp, Ann Phillips, Daniel Gressang, Mihhail Berezovski, Steven Master, and Rachel Silverman

Pilot Acceptance of Personal, Wearable Fatigue Monitoring Technology: An Application of the Extended Technology Acceptance Model, Rachelle Strong and Dahai Liu

The Effects of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Command and Control Latency during Within-Visual-Range Air-To-Air Combat, David Thirtyacre and David Cross

Integrating Expanded and Non-Segregated UAS Operations into the NAS: Impact on Traffic Trends and Safety, Dothang Truong and Ryan Wallace

Small UAS (sUAS) Mid-Air Collision (MAC) Likelihood, Ryan Wallace, Dothang Truong, Scott Winter, and David Cross