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Recently a study was undertaken to determine the depth of information provided to small airport managers throughout the United States by State Aeronautical agencies. The study centered on efforts to provide formal, written advice to airport managers about airport and aviation administration matters. For the purpose of the study, advice is considered as material provided to airports exclusive of regulatory codes and rules. More specifically, such advice provides airport managers with valuable insight on how to effectively manage various aspects of airport operations. The survey material is concerned with a broad range of indigenous airport topics dealing with subject matter from General Aviation Airport Operations to Storm water compliance, and a host of topics in between. The many topics addressed in the state documents that were found in the survey were then compared with two key aviation industry sources of information to arrive at a recommended list of topics for inclusion in ANY airport management handbook for use in any state. The genesis of the study and report was a grant received by Southern Illinois University Carbondale from the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics. The goal of the grant was to develop and prepare a "small airport manager handbook'' for smaller non-hub airports in Illinois. Due to the varying nature of laws and regulations concerning airport management and operations from state to state, state aeronautical agencies are in the best position to provide small airport managers with much needed and necessary information on the totality of management functions. However, not all states aeronautical agencies have the human or financial resources to author a comprehensive guide to small airport management. This study found that, at the time the survey was accomplished, only nine states provided some form of advice to airport managers.



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