Jeffrey A. Johnson






Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Airports play an important role in the economic vitality of communities and surrounding areas. In developing and expanding an airport, there are many different variables that must be taken into account. One fundamental aspect of airport expansion is the need to hangar aircraft. The purpose of this study was to investigate constituent interest in building at least 10 new T-hangars and expanding the Blair Municipal Airport's (K46) services located in rural Blair, Nebraska (Washington County). A descriptive study questionnaire developed specifically for this study was used to collect the data from 1,232 certificated pilots in five surrounding counties of the Blair Municipal Airport. The study found that interest in developing the Blair Municipal Airport exists. Most of the interest conveyed through the survey questionnaires was from pilots who fly primarily for recreation; however, pilots who fly equal amounts of time for recreation and business trips in addition to pilots flying for business only were a significant reportable part of this study. Major complaints reported from the survey questionnaires include the lack of adequate facilities on the airport itself, substandard hangars, and no availability of maintenance and line services.





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