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The purpose of this paper is to present the results of a follow-up survey of graduates of a collegiate aviation flight training program who completed an advanced flight practicum course prior to graduating. The AF 304--Practicum in Air Carrier Operations course at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is designed to provide advanced training and additional multi-engine flight time for flight students while providing transportation services for university personnel. Graduates of the course were asked to complete a survey regarding their experiences in AF 304. Specifically, they were asked their current employment situation, what effect(s) AF 304 had on their piloting skills and career, and what benefits they gained as a result of taking the course. Of 77 respondents, 65 indicated that they were employed as pilots at the time. Overall, the respondents agree that the course improved their flying and aeronautical decision making skills, and several noted an increase in their confidence. Additionally, they indicate having derived a variety of other benefits from the course, including more experience in various weather conditions, passenger carrying experience, a greater awareness of operations in the Air Traffic Control system, and better knowledge of advanced systems and avionics.



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