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The accident of FedEx Flight 14 was caused by something that pilots do with alarming frequency, flying an unstable approach. This is a large problem in general aviation, and after reading this analysis it will be apparent that the only way to recover from an unstable approach is to go around. This analysis begins with a description of loss of control on landing and shows how common it is. The details of FedEx Flight 14 are then discussed in length, as well as some of the training and procedures at Federal Express. Then, aviation safety tools, such as the 5-M Model, are applied to the accident to uncover some of the root causes, as opposed to the apparent causes provided by the NTSB. Finally, the action that has been taken locally in the Daytona Beach, FL area will be discussed. This action includes a safety seminar which was held on Embry-Riddle's campus, as well as an article that was published in the campus newspaper.



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