Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research


R. Troy Allen






Individuals who serve as airport board members in the state of Indiana are not required by law to have any aviation experience or training. This study was completed to determine the perceived need for airport board member training in the state of Indiana and identify potential training topics. Thirty Indiana public-use airport managers and thirty airport board members were surveyed. Twenty-one topic areas were rank ordered by mean value and two additional survey questions were asked to determine if airport board members and airport managers believed that training would be beneficial. A Spearman Rank Order Correlation indicated that there is a strong correlation (r, = .9018) among the study participants when rank ordering potential training topics. An Analysis of Variance found that there is no statistically significant difference exist between the two groups when they were asked if training would be beneficial F(l, 2) = 1.59, p < .05. Additionally, all of the suggested training topics were perceived as important and should be included if training were developed.



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