Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research

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Multi-Cultural Factors in the Crew Resource Management Environment: Promoting Aviation Safety for Airline Operations


There are many reasons why Multi-cultural flight crews fail to work together effectively. This research provides a review of the history of Crew Resource Management (0,th e CRM training classes, and the communication barriers among the flight crews. The national, organizational, and professional cultures of crew members influence flight safety. While the primary focus is on Saudi Arabian Airline, the findings can be generalized to any multicultural airline. CRM training has been shown to be efficient for both pilots and flight attendants when viewed separately, especially those flying in foreign countries. The authors address accidents which were caused as a result of the lack of communication between pilots and flight attendants. A survey was conducted of 30 pilots and 30 flight attendants employed by Saudi Arabian Airlines. The results indicated the population was aware of the importance of mixed cultural differences as usekl aspects of training in areas of safety and the cooperation of crew members. Furthermore, it was revealed that good communication has significant effects on teamwork effectiveness and safety. The authors recommend that the airline should establish a joint annual CRM training class for both groups.