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To what extent do practitioners of Work-based Learning (WBL) in Aviation Management (AVM) programs agree that these programs themselves, their students and faculty, and their industry partners present barriers to participation in a WBL activity? The population for this study was derived from University Aviation Association (UAA) member institutions, specifically those with an aviation management or airway science degree program that participate in some form of WBL. A Likert scale, 13 question "Survey of Work-Based Learning Within Aviation Management Programs" was developed, tested, and determined to be valid and reliable. This survey was developed to determine the population's degree of agreement/disagreement on the barriers to participation in WBL. These barriers were grouped into four areas: program, student, faculty, and industry partner. A majority of respondents "disagree/strongly disagree" on two of three statements that AVM programs themselves pose barriers to WBL participation. However, respondents "strongly agree/agree" that not requiring participation in a WBL activity was a program barrier. A majority of respondents reported that they "strongly agree/agree" that students are unaware of the potential benefits of WBL. Responses were fairly equally distributed as to whether or not faculty or student characteristics presented a barrier to WBL. For example a majority of respondents "disagree/strongly disagree" that faculty are not interested in WBL. Respondents were overall "undecided" as to whether or not industry partners played a significant role in setting up barriers to student participation in WBL.

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