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Key words

CARM, Transcription, Video, Audio, Flight Instruction


This paper contributes to a growing body of work related to the Conversation Analytic Role-play Method (CARM) by studying the primary flight instruction environment to create training interventions related to radio communications and flight instruction practices. Framed in the context of conversation analysis, an approach to the detailed analysis of naturally occurring interaction, the large-scale, long-duration qualitative audio/video data collection and coding methodology is discussed, followed by trends identified in the ongoing study. The concept of CARM “trainables” are discussed with examples. The study shows that large-scale qualitative datasets may be leveraged to produce valuable data-driven training interventions.

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RadioTrainer_screen_shot_rev2.mp4 (25446 kB)
Exemplar Radio Trainer (online supplement)

GiveStudentAChance_backdrop_rev2.mp4 (40563 kB)
Exemplar: Give a Student a Chance (online supplement)

DontTouchMyStuff_class_mockup_rev2.mp4 (155337 kB)
Exemplar: Don't Touch My Stuff (online supplement)



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