Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research





Key words

multiple regression, backwards stepwise regression, aviation, ticketing, subscription-based sales, consumer preferences


Introduction: Many services offer subscription-based sales models. The aviation industry has not widely attempted to market a subscription-based service through their airline for ticketing purposes. This study developed a regression equation to determine predictive factors for the type of individual who would purchase a subscription-based airline ticket.

Method: A two-stage approach was used where the participants (N = 521) answered demographic information, flight habits, and the same scenario with a perceived value scale and willingness to purchase scale.

Results: Stage 1 found perceived value, employment status, and early boarding preference all to be significant factors, accounting for 77.6% of the variance. Stage 2 validated the regression equation through a t­-test, correlation, and cross-validated R2.

Conclusion: The suggested regression equation showed a strong model fit and predicted the scores from Stage 2 with a mean difference of -.034. These factors will aid the aviation industry’s marketing departments in developing a subscription-based ticket using findings from this study.



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