Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research





Key words

structural equation modeling, tourism motivation, space tourism, travel


The purpose of the study was to validate Snepenger, King, Marshall, and Uysal’s (2006) model of Iso-Ahola’s (1982) theory of tourism motivation for use in point-to-point suborbital space tourism research. No previous research was discovered, which assessed point-to-point suborbital space flight within the theoretical foundation of the theory of tourism motivation. Snepenger et al.’s (2006) model was assessed as published, and exploratory factor analysis (EFA) failed to produce data fitting the four dimensions. The researchers modified the item descriptions based on research. Using a second sample, the modified model was assessed. EFA produced four factors with adequate convergent and discriminant validity. Confirmatory factor analysis produced good model fit with adequate construct validity. The study validated the operationalized model of the theory of tourism motivation in United States participants providing a valid and reliable scale for use in future suborbital space travel research.



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