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Editor's Note: This speech was given at the fifth annual General Aviation Forecast Conference on March 17, 199.5, in Phoenix, Ariz. This speech presents a synopsis of the ability of the University Aviation Association (UAA) to provide aviation education for students preparing for entry-level positions in the aviation industry. The aviation education environment presently provides education experiences for more than 41,000 students interested in careers in general aviation and in commercial aviation. As change occurs in the aviation industry, specifically in general aviation, we must be mindful of the affect of this change on the educational system and its ability to respond to change. The need for partnerships and cooperative efforts between government, the aviation industry, and educational institutions of higher learning is highlighted. The capabilities of the aviation education system are discussed in light of the forecast needs of the aviation industry, with the goal of maintaining the present high quality of education and the present levels of safety in the aviation industry.



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