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Crew Resource Management as an academic field of study has only been in existence for a relatively short period. However, because of its importance to the aviation community and the airlines in particular, there is a small but growing community of researcher and academicians that are specializing in its postulates. Despite the importance of research to the aviation industry and to aviation education, no comprehensive compendium of point specific literature exists. This void presents an obstacle for both researchers and practitioners in locating articles that may be relevant to their work. In addition, because of a narrow scope of many aviation education programs, researchers seeking information are often unaware of specificity's that address the totality of any particular program. Thus, the authors set out to identify a particular point specific niche of articles relating to a particular time segment of the unfolding Crew Resource Management Training field. Using descriptive research methodology and a systematic and thorough computer methodology, three hundred eighty-five citations were identified. These then were culled of duplication and a resultant sixty-six representative articles, with abstracts were found to coincide to the period of 1993 to 1998. These were further refined to key topics of a) the current status of CRM training and research, b) evolution of CRM concepts, c) measuring methods, and d) application of CRM.



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