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  • Formed Nebraska Native American Working Group (NNAWG) of trial college presidents and reservation school superintendents
  • Visited the each of the reservation schools and tribal colleges developing relationships
  • Hosted the first of many field trips for NA students to Sioux City Airport. The first year 250 5th and 6th grade students attended


  • In concert with the NNAWG, developed academic science outreach programs for NA children at reservation schools
  • Held a grant writing workshop for faculty and staff at NA schools and colleges
  • Held the second Aeronautics Day at Sioux City Airport for 150 5th grade students
  • Sent 4 teachers to an Aeronautics Teacher’s Workshop at Augustana College


  • Sent a Nebraska team of educators to NASA Ames for a two-week teacher workshop
  • Held the third Aeronautics Day at Sioux City Airport for 150 5th grade students
  • Continued relationship with administrators and principals at reservation schools about academic impact of NASA on school science


  • Initiated the first Family Science demonstration project at Santee School
  • Held the fourth Aeronautics Day at Sioux City Airport for 150 5th grade students
  • Began discussion with Little Priest Tribal College (LPTC) and Winnebago Schools about possible Family Science demonstration at those schools


  • Continued the Family Science project at Santee; started two new programs at Winnebago and Walthill
  • Worked with Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) and LPTC to define how to make Native American students more competitive in mathematics and science
  • Sent another NE team to NASA Ames for two week summer workshop
  • Convened a Nebraska Native American Aeronautics Education Summit at Sioux City; attended by 35 educators, administrators, faculty, and researchers


  • Continued Family Science at Santee, Winnebago, and Walthill
  • Have recruited a GIS demonstration team from NICC at Santee and Santee Community Schools for a July 2002 project
  • Hosted the 5th Annual Aeronautics Day at Sioux City Airport
  • Have begun initial planning for a K -14 mathematics and science co-ordination effort. Enhancements will use NASA materials


  • Established the Native Institute for Managing Application in Geospatial Education (IMAGE) at LPTC
  • Faculty at LPTC developed initial STEM learning objectives for curriculum
  • Efforts from previous years were monitored and maintained


  • Implemented a Geo Family Science demonstration project program for grades 7 and 8 at the Winnebago Public Schools
  • Held the first Geospatial Boot Camp at LPTC


  • Briefed NSF officials in Washington, DC for possible grant funding to expand LPTC STEM initiate

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Brent Bowen and Hank Lehrer were not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University when this paper was produced.