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Items discussed: Tribal School/UNO future educational partnerships; joint research and grant writing opportunities; scholarship opportunities and funding mechanisms; curriculum development for improving K - 12 mathematics, science, and technology education through the use of aeronautics; faculty enhancement workshops; development of a Nebraska Model of Best Practice; and future interstate, regional, and national Native American/NASA Space Grant initiatives. Asa result of this meeting, a number of annual scholarships and organizational enhancements were provided to the 2 tribal colleges and the 4 reservations schools. The working group met several times within the next few years and continues to maintain close contact with other members. In fact, it was not until this first UNO meeting that many of the administrators had ever met jointly to discuss pressing problems and possible partnerships.

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Brent Bowen and Hank Lehrer were not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University when this paper was produced.