Students take between three to five courses taught by faculty in the Department of Humanities and Communication.

With technical knowledge but no understanding of how to set goals, negotiate conflict, and communicate, a student is likely to experience less success than those who learn how to interact with others. Thus, the program offers instruction in teamwork, ethics, and cross-cultural understanding.

Courses offered significantly add to students' career options. Courses like Technical Writing are essential to many students who work in engineering fields. Other Humanities and Communications courses – such as History of Rock and Roll, Digital Media Storytelling, or Art of the Classical World – offer students a chance to learn something interesting and enhance their quality of life.

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Submissions from 2020


Moving from Image to Narrative to Voice, Eileen Landis-Groom

Submissions from 2019

The Starkeeper Sonata, Curtis Peacock


Mapping PPS: A Case Study of Story Map Journals for Interactive Health Reporting, Susan Rauch


Medicalizing the Disclosure of Mental Health: Transnational Perspectives of Ethical Workplace Policy Among Healthcare Workers, Susan Rauch

Submissions from 2018


Performing WeChat Recording Tasks in Mixed-Ability Study Abroad Content Courses, Hong Zhan and Leeann Chen

Submissions from 2017

Titan Moon Sonata, Curtis Peacock

Submissions from 2014


The Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning Chinese Characters, Hong Zhan and Hsiu-Jen Cheng

Submissions from 2012


Examining Pre-Service Teachers' Instructional Strategies for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Via Video-Conferencing, Hsiu-Jen Cheng and Hong Zhan


Book Review: McGraw-Hill's Chinese Dictionary & Guide to 20,000 Essential Words, Hong Zhan

Submissions from 2010


Integrating Second Life Into a Chinese Language Teacher Training Program: A Pilot Study, Hsiu-Jen Cheng, Hong Zhan, and Andy Tsai


String Quartet #1, Curtis Peacock