The largest department on the Prescott Campus aside from flight training, the Department of Humanities & Communication, offers minors that enhance students’ skills and career options, along with courses that help them be well-rounded individuals who enjoy living.

The department teaches 65 percent of the general education courses, so every student comes through the Department of Humanities & Communication at least three or four times during their college career. In the process, they learn professional communication, critical reading, writing, and public speaking — all skills everyone needs in order to succeed in their career.

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Submissions from 2018


Performing WeChat Recording Tasks in Mixed-Ability Study Abroad Content Courses, Hong Zhan and Leeann Chen

Submissions from 2014


The Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning Chinese Characters, Hong Zhan and Hsiu-Jen Cheng

Submissions from 2012


Examining Pre-Service Teachers' Instructional Strategies for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Via Video-Conferencing, Hsiu-Jen Cheng and Hong Zhan


Book Review: McGraw-Hill's Chinese Dictionary & Guide to 20,000 Essential Words, Hong Zhan

Submissions from 2010


Integrating Second Life Into a Chinese Language Teacher Training Program: A Pilot Study, Hsiu-Jen Cheng, Hong Zhan, and Andy Tsai