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The purpose of this study was to create a Trustworthiness of Commercial Airline Pilots (T-CAP) scale that could be used with American participants. Previous research (Rice, Mehta, Steelman, & Winter, 2014) created a similar scale that may be used with Indian participants. However, due to cultural differences, it was necessary to recreate an instrument that could be used with American consumers. In fact, the scale developed by American participants did differ significantly, both in terms of length and items to measure trustworthiness of commercial pilots. Participants were used in the entire process of creating the scale, including item generation and testing. A factor analysis using principle components and a varimax rotation produced a single factor for the condition of trustworthiness. Cronbach’s Alpha and Guttman split-half tests verified the reliability of the instrument and an experimental scenario was used to test the discriminability of the scale.

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Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering



Purdue University Press

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Dr. Winter was not affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this paper was published.