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This paper presents the findings of a phenomenological study of instructor pilot first-hand experiences when conducting training for collegiate flight students in a jet aircraft. While jet training has been conducted in simulators in the past, this was one of the first instances of training in an actual aircraft. A total of 22 students completed training in a very light jet aircraft during the spring semester of their junior year at the subject university. A group of four instructors conducted both simulator and flight training with the students. Surveys were used to collect data from instructors longitudinally throughout the length of the 16-week semester. At the conclusion of the training period, participants completed a structured interview. The results of those interviews suggested that students excelled in areas such as avionics programming, use of standardized operating procedures, and checklist usage. Students were challenged by the increased operating speeds of the jet aircraft, descent planning, and lesson preparedness. The instructors offered suggestions to enhance the course and provided a summary of the lessons learned.

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Collegiate Aviation Review


University Aviation Association

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Dr. Winter was not associated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time this paper was published.

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