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Using gross averages of the azimuthal component of flow in Saturn's magnetosheath, we find that flows in the prenoon sector reach a maximum value of roughly half that of the postnoon side. Corotational magnetodisc plasma creates a much larger flow shear with solar wind plasma prenoon than postnoon. Maxwell stress tensor analysis shows that momentum can be transferred out of the magnetosphere along tangential field lines if a normal component to the boundary is present, i.e., field lines which pierce the magnetopause. A Kelvin‐Helmholtz unstable flow gives rise to precisely this situation, as intermittent reconnection allows the magnetic field to thread the boundary. We interpret the Kelvin‐Helmholtz instability acting along the magnetopause as a tangetial drag, facilitating two‐way transport of momentum through the boundary. We use reduced magnetosheath flows in the dawn sector as evidence of the importance of this interaction in Saturn's magnetosphere.

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Geophysical Research Letters



American Geophysical Union

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NASA. Grant Number: NNX11AK80G JPL. Grant Number: 1243218