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This poster summarizes findings and offers recommendations from a research study involving Black males who majored in engineering or a related STEM field and played a collegiate sport. Specifically, the poster highlights ways in which the research participants were able to transition from playing sports to pursuing an engineering or related STEM career. For this particular poster, the presenters focused on the experiences of four Black men. Two of the Black men played college football at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the Southeast. Two other Black men ran track at Division 2 (D2) predominantly White institutions (PWIs) in the Southeast. Two of the four participants are current engineering students and the other two have engineering degrees. This poster should particularly benefit people who are interested in the post-playing careers of Black male student-athletes and practitioners who provide direct services to Black male student-athletes in engineering or a related STEM field. This poster should also benefit students interested in playing a collegiate sport and those who are concerned with career pursuits of Black male student-athletes.


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