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For new OER advocates, learning where to start and how to get traction on their campus can be overwhelming. Popular methods like stipends for faculty, library-based publishing platforms, or learning groups may not be possible due to limited funding, staff, or faculty interest. Strategies that resulted in early adoptions at one school may meet resistance at another, and educational outreach efforts can have a mixed reception. This session will examine how understanding the unique needs and structure of a campus can help librarians and advocates develop strategies tailored to their institution and their capacity for support.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a private, STEM-focused institution with two traditional residential campuses, and a network of online and satellite campuses spread throughout the world. Interest in OER and textbook affordability has grown rapidly since 2017, and a dedicated position was created to support the larger residential campus and the distance learning campus. Each of these campuses have unique challenges and opportunities that make a one-size-fits-all approach untenable, especially with a single position dedicated to textbook affordability.

The presenter will discuss how she built strategic relationships, leveraged existing units on campus, and used data to build tailored strategies for one residential campus and the worldwide online campuses. Each campus will be presented as a case study, and the audience will be invited to consider how they can develop a better understanding of their campus, and how it can be used to inform their OER support and outreach efforts.

Learning Outcomes:
-Participants will explore various strategies to increase understanding of OER challenges and opportunities on their campus.
-Participants will develop an understanding of how to assess advocacy strategies in the context of their campus needs and their support capacity.
-Participants will reflect on their own campus environment in order to identify what advocacy and support approaches might be most effective in their communities.



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