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QEP year five! Are we there yet? So much has changed within and outside your university. Does your QEP implementation and original intent even resemble the original proposal? Reorganizations, budget changes, more reorganizations, personnel shifts, memory lapse, and new initiatives are all taking their toll on your planned implementation of the QEP. Some key individuals are no longer in their positions, while new people have joined. Some have conveniently “forgotten” about the implementation phase of QEP, let alone assessment. Nonetheless, you still have the task to implement the QEP and prepare the Fifth‐Year Interim Report! During this session, key QEP proposal developers who are now the QEP directors from Embry‐Riddle Aeronautical University will share their experience with implementing their QEP within a multicampus, distributed network where change is the only constant. After successful acceptance of the QEP and implementation commences, not everything goes as planned—for good and for bad. The presenters discuss how they kept momentum after the initial SACSCOC visit, look at the roadmap of implementation, and revise when appropriate.


Atlanta, GA